Help Guide *Under Construction*

Overview of the Website

The new BDL architecture was developed to make browsing complicated topics fun and easy. The web experience is also simplified for display on tablet, smart phones and mobile computers. Each major section (including the homepage) highlights topics, projects, stories, photos and more in the main viewer. These highlights are listed in alphabetical order and can be explored by clicking through the number navigation on the left side of the screen. The viewer will showcase an image, map, list of documents or video depending on how the author programmed the data to be displayed. Users may click on the more link to reach the main topic page (object page).

Alternatively users may enter subject using the categories displayed in the main navigation. has 9 main categories or content areas:

1. Live Conditions: Access real-time station sensor data within the Sacramento Bay Delta. Data provided by the California Department of Water Resources' California Data Exchange Center (CDEC).
2. Operations: From the California Department of Water Resources, the Operations Control Office (OCO) provides a daily executive operations summary, Daily Reservoir Storage Data, Water Quality, Weather Forecasts, Snow Pack Charts and access to the communities' most used stations.
3. Data Visualizations: View recently published real time data interpolations of Delta Conditions. From 30-day turbidity models to daily forecasts. This service is published as conditions produce scientifically relevant visuals including winter conditions, first flush archives and fish migration seasons. Manage and build your own visualizations.
4. Map Builder: Explore and view map layers and pre-published maps. Users have access to more than 100 data layers for the Sacramento San Joaquin Bay-Delta. Build many different map combinations, save and share your work with the community.
5. Photos/Video: Browse and share from the more than 1000 current documents in the BDL library. Relevant images, videos, science journals, presentations and articles.
6. Projects: An ever growing aspect of the website that showcases all types of projects throughout the Delta.
7. Wiki: An information library developed by the community. Information about species, infrastructure, places, government entitites and more.
8. Log-in: For access to your private catalogs, profiles and data.

In addition to the main navigation, each category has a sub navigation that is updated frequently. The purpose of the sub navigation is to bring forward many different aspects of the website based on popularity, alphabetical, category type and more.