Help Guide *Under Construction*

Managing Your Dashboard

Each widget on the homepage is customizable and mobile. Simply DRAG and DROP the widget anywhere on the homepage and organize your desktop with the information that is important to you. To return your homepage to its original settings click the "reset homepage" in the upper right corner of the page.

You currently have widgets for use on the homepage:

    a. Universal Map and Layers: The universal map and layers allows you to use the map and it's functions including adding WMS layers, saving maps, viewing all layers etc. For complete instructions on how to use the Universal Map "click here".
    b. Weather Watch: Choose your city and weather advisory RSS feeds for a summarized weather watch for the day.
    c. Presentations   Reports: This section lists the most recently posted pubic and project related presentations and reports.
    d. ISSUU:
    e. Aquafornia Twitter Feed: The Twitter feed can be customized to read any legitimate twitter feed. Simply email with the new feed and we can schedule the change.
    f. Featured Presentations   Reports: When you ARE NOT logged on the cluster diplays the latest public presentation and report updates. When logged in the cluster diplays your latest
    g. Featured Projects
    h. Featured Wiki